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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Workforce Development

On-the-Job Training

Designed to stimulate the economy and develop skilled workers from the ranks of the unemployed, on the-job training has proven its value to employers for over two decades. Employers can create a skilled and reliable workforce by training workers while on the job. With the help of the WIA program, the employer hires certified individuals who can be trained to fit the employer’s needs while on the job. They become familiar with your procedures and requirements with the actual tools and equipment used on your job site.

Up to 50 percent of the trainee’s wages is reimbursed to the employer during the training period. Length of training varies according to skill level of the job and the participant.

Customized Training

provides opportunities to employers in high-demand, high-growth industries with special training needs. This program is designed to benefit the business and industry by assisting in the skill development of existing employees and thereby increasing employee productivity and the growth of the company. These improvements are expected to result in the creation of new jobs, the retention of jobs that otherwise may have been eliminated and an increase in wages for trained workers.

Employer must request training to either:

  • Prevent job loss caused by obsolete skills, technological change or national or global competition
  • Create, update or retain jobs in labor demand occupations
  • The training may be provided by the company trainers or by eligible training providers.
  • Employer must have at least 15 employees to be trained (employers can form a consortium to meet this requirement)
  • Employers must pay no less than 50% of the cost of the training program.
  • Customized Training contracts must be developed and written based on the specific jobs to be trained, including skills to be taught. Customers in these training programs must be placed there based on individual needs: the skills needed to be learned, the customer’s pervious work experience.
  • Customized Training must be developed in occupation in demand. The contract must include job descriptions for the positions and a training outline.
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Corporate Jobs Tax Credit

One time tax credit ranging from up to $225 for each net new permanent job created as the result of a new business start-up or the expansion of an existing one. Credits may be used to satisfy state corporate income tax obligations. The program is offered to most industries; however, it is not offered in conjunction with the Enterprise Zone program nor the Industrial Tax Exemption program. For more information, visit Louisiana Department of Revenue.

Basic Skills Training Tax Credit

A $250 tax credit per participating employee in a basic skills course (not to exceed $30,000 total for one business or enterprise in a particular year) may be applied to state income tax or state corporation franchise tax liability for up to three years. Basic skills training is any employer-paid training which enhances reading, writing, or mathematical skills at leas to the eight grade level.

Workforce Development Training Program

This program provides funding for customized workforce training programs, if all qualifications are met, in order to improve the competitiveness and productivity of Louisiana's workforce and business community and to assist Louisiana businesses in promoting employment stability.

Quality Jobs

(see Tax Incentives section)

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