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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Android Install Instructions

Readiness Checklist

  1. Your new phone is active and you can browse the internet.
  2. Any City email accounts have been removed.
  3. Wireless is turned off.
  4. You’ve created an Play Store account and its username and password is readily available.


MDM Installation

  1. Click the link in the ServiceDesk text message on your mobile device to download the Worx app from the Play Store.
  2. Select the Worx application from the Google Play Store. 2.png
  3. Click “I Agree” on the connection optimizer screen if it appears. 3r.png
  4. Choose "Install". 3.png
  5. Click Accept on the Permissions screen.  
  6. When the download begins you’ll see the blue download progress bar. 6r.png
  7. Choose "Accept" to allow App permissions. 7r.png
  8. When installation is complete, choose "Open" and OK on any pop up. 
  9. When opening Worx Home for the first time, you will be asked to enter a server URL.  6.png
  10. Enter the server URL: 7.png
  11. Choose "Activate" to enable Worx Home to administrate your device. 
  12. Enter your network user ID and password, then press Sign On. 9.png
  13. Choose “Accept” of User Agreement. dang.jpg
  14. The following screen is displayed briefly. 
  15. Check the acknowledgement and confirm the Privacy Policy. yo.png
  16. Select “PIN”, then create and confirm the PIN. pin.png
  17. Your installation is now complete and you should be at the below screen.  really.png
  18. Tap the phone’s “back” button 2 times, or until you arrive at the Home Screen.  Then scroll to and click on the Email icon.  home.png
  19. Uncheck the “Always Show” box and click OK. again.png
  20. You may see this scree for a short period while the phone is communicating with the mail server. wait.png
  21. Enter your account password and press Done then OK. email.png
  22. Press ok on the Security Update. security.png
  23. Activate Email application by tapping on “Activate”. activate.png
  24. Make the choice to Cancel or Turn on motion.  motion.png
  25. Click on your Inbox to see contents. inbox.png
  26. Your email should start downloading.  You are now finished setting up your phone.
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