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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Frequently Asked Questions

For other questions email or call (504) 658-4980.

What does your office do?

The Neighborhood Engagement Office promotes improved public participation and information between city government and the general public, fostering greater neighborhood partnership and communication with City departments and agencies through Neighborhood Participation Plans, programming, and targeted outreach. 

Where is your office? How do I contact you?
What do I do to fix an infrastructure problem?
How do I get training on the NPP process?
How does your office interact with land use?
How are you funded?
Does your office serve as a clearinghouse for all City Hall information?
How many people are in the office?
Does the office help individuals with service issues?
What does NPP mean and how does it work?
How long has the office been around?
Is the office permanent?
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