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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

How do we engage - City government

The Mayor's Neighborhood Engagement Office aims to create a better relationship between the City and its residents by working with City departments to develop and implement neighborhood participation plans, which are based on the City of New Orleans Neighborhood Participation Plan (City NPP). The City NPP creates a public participation framework that:

  1. Establishes standards of excellence in public participation for City governance processes;
  2. Institutionalizes an organizational framework that will create more meaningful public participation practices that serve both City government and resident concerns; and
  3. Enables the building of trust and meaningful partnerships between community stakeholders and City government by:
  • Improving how government works with community;
  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness in government decision-making; and
  • Increasing opportunities for aligned collaboration between City government and community stakeholders.

Using the City NPP as its guiding framework, the Mayor's Neighborhood Engagement Office continuously improves opportunities for public participation through the creation of Neighborhood Participation Plans.

Neighborhood Participation Plans

A Neighborhood Participation Plan (NPP)  is a public participation process that provides a pathway for residents and City departments to develop stronger relationships throughout a public decision-making process.  As such, NPPs help bolster the City’s overall delivery of good governance by encouraging the inclusion of public input from civic groups, residents, and other stakeholders in public decision-making processes.

When developing NPPs at the governmental unit, the Mayor's Neighborhood Engagement Office explores the following:

  • Ensuring internal process informs and is informed by community input and concerns;
  • Ensuring each agency receives public input from the community about how information should be disseminated to stakeholders;
  • Considering any potential policy changes at administrative or legislative level that NPP efforts suggest by each department;
  • Identifying operating and human capacity considerations for each department unit NPP; and
  • Ensuring that departments coordinate when creating NPPs.

The Mayor's Neighborhood Engagement Office is involved on a daily basis with both executing and developing NPPs, as well as facilitating the participation of government and community stakeholders in these processes. As of summer 2012, we are working on several NPPs across City government.

NPPs in progress:

  • Capital Projects
  • City Planning Commission
  • New Orleans Recreation Development Commission (NORDC)
  • NOPD Police Community Advisory Board
  • Department of Public Works
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