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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

How do we engage - Neighborhoods

The Mayor's Neighborhood Engagement Office strategically focuses its work at the neighborhood level through existing and/or new neighborhood/ civic/improvement associations. Our strategy is simple. Connect with the association leadership and do everything we can to assist in their efforts to improve their neighborhoods. We not only encourage leaders to work with us, but also to cross-collaborate among themselves. As we work to improve and enhance public participation opportunities, we want to ensure that neighborhoods have good information about what is happening with their neighbors both across the street and across town.

At the heart of our engagement strategy is the neighborhood, which is why in all three areas of engagement; outreach, participation and revitalization, we focus on neighborhood leaders. We recognize that neighborhood leaders come from all walks of life, such as school leaders, church leaders, playground leaders, and more. While we welcome working with all, we do intentionally support the associations, which we recognize as vital neighborhood-based representative spaces for a given area on day-to-day quality of life concerns.

Additionally, we encourage participation in neighborhood associations, as they are typically excellent places for individuals to garner support and mobilize for action on neighborhood-based quality of life issues such as blight, public safety, and recreation, among others. This doesn't mean that we have a registration or referral process for associations. Nor do we play a role in the creation process if someone wants to create a neighborhood association. But we are available for assistance, as it is also our responsibility to serve neighborhood-based leaders and members as technical advisers.

Finally, we recognize that the City of New Orleans thrives because of the strong neighborhood leadership that sustains it. We are a City of neighborhoods, more so than any other city in the United States. As such, we want to do our part to be a good partner to neighborhood leaders, but also to help these leaders grow and become more successful.


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Last updated: 10/30/2013 2:30:47 PM

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