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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Carrollton Area Network

Type:Neighborhood or civic association
Neighborhood boundaries:

Broadway Blvd., Parish line, Mississippi River, I-10

Meetings Dates/Times (if recurring):Every third Monday of the month at 6:30p.m., 1333 South Carrollton Ave.
Contact name:H.V. Nagendra


The mission of the Carrollton Area Network is multifold:

- To build a sense of community among neighborhoods and other organizations within and outside the boundaries of CAN.
- To provide the means for the neighborhood organizational leaders to exchange ideas, prioritize projects, propose solutions, and implement plans for the Carrollton area.
- To provide neighborhood organizations an effective communications link with governmental agencies and other civic groups.
- To empower neighborhood organizations to work together and to form a collective, united voice in promoting and improving the Carrollton area.
- To accept changes required to enhance the community's future and vitality while maintaining its distinctive assets and strengths.
- To establish constructive relationships, promote effective communication, and develop positive action plans among all neighborhood organizations within CAN and the mission of CAN.



After Hurricane Katrina, several new neighborhood associations and organizations were formed to help in the planning and repopulation of their neighborhoods. In addition, several neighborhoods along Carrollton that did not flood began to observe that they were left out from the process, and determinations were being made about the city and their neighbors without their input. The pressures of development, code enforcement, and crime in the area had increased. As a result, communications among neighborhood organizations and their leaders began without a formal structure. A forum to discuss the issues and share in their experience lead to the formation of the Carrollton Area Network, or CAN for short. Although it took several months to build the informal forum, the energy and motivation to succeed was very strong. 

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