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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Expunging Records

The Expungement Unit of the Criminal Records Section of the NOPD's Management Services Bureau ensures an individual's right to privacy by sealing and expunging all criminal records as ordered by the court. Each expungement is processed in the order it it is received. At this time, an expungement of an Orleans Parish Criminal Record can take 6 to 8 months for completion due limited personnel and extensive research procedures.

Expungement Process

First Steps

Citizens wishing to expunge a record must go to the respective court, Traffic, Municipal, or CDC, and request an expungement package with the court clerk.  Citizens do not have an attorney to file for a motion for expungement in Orleans Parish, but if any citizen filling the expungement order without legal assistance should be aware it must be completed correctly or the expungement could be rejected, and would have to be re-filed to process over again . 

Qualifying for an Expungement

The expungement clerk for each court will explain the qualifications and court processing and filing fees, which vary by court and type of expungement. Only certain felony convictions qualify for expungements.  Rules for qualification include, but are not limited to:

  • only one (1) felony conviction expungement in a lifetime
  • only one  (1) misdemeanor conviction expungement within a five year period.
  • only one  (1) Driving While in Intoxicated conviction expungement in a ten year period

Final Steps

When the  Expungement Order is completed and signed by the judge it will be hand-delivered to NOPD Expungement Unit and disseminated to other law enforcement agencies for processing. This can take up to a year to clear all agencies. 

Status of a Motion

The New Orleans Police Department only processes information entered in the computer for a NOPD arrest. For information on the status of a Motion for Expungement and/or Motion to Set Aside Conviction,  contact the appropriate origin agency.

  • Criminal District Court (504) 658-9049
  • Magistrate Court (504) 658-9025
  • Traffic Court (504) 658-9397
  • Municipal Court (504) 658-9700
  • Louisiana State Police  1-225-925-6040.

For information or arrest entered by surrounding parishes, contact the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency.

Arrest Records and Citizen Privacy

The New Orleans Police does not place Criminal Records on any Internet site, and does not have the capability to alter or delete any information entered on any other Agency, Court and Private Entity’s website. If  information is found on the Internet you need to contact the appropriate Entity to assist you. As stated in Louisiana Law R.S. 44:9 Section G.

Definition of Expungement

“Louisiana ‘Expungement’ means removal of a record from public access but does not mean destruction of the record. An expunged record is confidential, but remains available for use by law enforcement agencies, criminal justice agencies, the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners, the Louisiana State Board of Nursing, the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry, the Louisiana State Board of Examiners of Psychologists, or the Emergency Medical Services Certification Commission”.

View the State Expungement Law here.

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