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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Booster Clubs

Booster Clubs exist in a cooperative effort with the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission (NORDC) to promote, maintain, and support an enthusiastic interest in the various programs, activities, and needs of the NORDC center/playground.

Booster Clubs are essential to NORDC programming because it is impossible for NORDC to assume the total financial responsibility for these expenses at every center and playground in the City.

The primary purpose of a Booster Club is to provide a supportive and encouraging atmosphere that promotes community involvement, personal growth and an enhanced quality of life; and to augment existing programs at NORDC centers and playgrounds by assisting in coaching teams, purchasing awards, providing uniforms, equipment, and other necessary items; and to assist in maintenance of the facility.

NORDC has established policies and procedures to be adhered to by all NORDC personnel, volunteers, Booster Club members and volunteer coaches, and they are fully detailed in the documents linked to this page.

Membership in the Booster Club is open to parents, guardians, and family members of children registered to participate in activities and programs, and any individuals without participating children who want to support that center or playground.

Booster clubs agree to ensure that any and all persons eligible will be bound by NORDC rules and will have the opportunity to participate in all activities held at the center or playground, or sponsored by the organization, regardless of age, race, religion, color, disability, national origin, financial status, or sexual orientation.

For additional information please see the documents below or contact the Booster Club Liaison, Deborah Langhoff 

There are currently eighteen (18) officially recognized NORDC Booster Clubs supporting 21 facilities

Booster Club Information and Documents
Application for Booster Club Recognition
Generic by-laws
Policies and Procedures
Concessions Rights Agreement
Booster Club Roster and Contacts

For additional information, please contact Deborah Langhoff at (504) 658-3017 or

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