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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu




NORDC is seeking volunteers for the volleyball rules committee. 
The rules committee is responsible for:

  • Creating the upcoming sport-specific rulebook
  • Planning the sports-specific coaches’ clinic
  • Ensuring all NORDC policies and programs are followed
  • Determining the final rulings for game time protests


This commitment requires attendance of at least 4 rules committee meetings throughout the year and during the season. The first meeting will be on August 11, 2014. If you’re interested, please contact Lauren Gauthier, District Manager-Algiers & Girls’ Athletics at 504-382-3289 or



2014 Registration Dates

Registration begins October 28th

How to Register:
Register with the playground or recreation center site supervisor on the following days/times: Mondays 7:30-9pm; Tuesdays through Fridays 5-7pm For a list of playgrounds and rec centers, click here.

Those listed with a mascot & colors will have team athletics programs. You can get a registration form from the site supervisor, or you may download one here.

All completed registration forms must be submitted in person to the site supervisor or volunteer coach. Please note that a copy of certified birth certificate required for registration.  All eligibility and residence requirements are on the registration form

Questions?  Please contact the NORDC Athletics Office at 504-658-3037 or


2013 Championships Results
Season consisted of 166 athletes, 18 teams,& 11 playgrounds

Age Champions Runner Up
9-10 Cut-Off Warriors Behrman Eagles
11-12 Cut-Off Warriors Bodenger Jaguars
13-15 Cut-Off Warriors Bodenger Jaguars





 See playoffs and championships photos here



NORDC Volleyball in the News

"It's about celebrating girls and having them love the game of volleyball." - Kim Young-Buford,
UNO Privateers Volleyball head coach in Ro Brown’s nice article about the UNO clinic for our volleyball players. 
Read the rest of the article here 
Click here to view photos


District A Volleyball Locations
Playground Address Site Supervisor
Carver Playground 7400 Prytania St.  70118  
Conrad Playground 3600 Hamilton St. 70118 Richard Carr, Jr.
Easton Playground 3141 Toulouse St. 70119 Darrin Johnson
Hardin Playground 2501 New Orleans St. 70119 Dwayne Sims
Harrell Center 2202 Leondias St. 70118 Cornell Charles
Lakeview Playground 5501 Gen. Diaz St. 70124 Donald Riley
Stallings Gentilly Playground 2700 Laperyouse St. 70119 Ortegas Coleman
Willie Hall @ Oak Park Playground 1439 Riveria St. 70122 Johnny White



District B Volleyball Locations
Playground Address Site Supervisor
A. L. Davis Playground 2600 LaSalle St. 70115 Jerome Temple
Burke Playground 2524 Annunciation St. 70130 Waldorf Gipson
Comiskey Playground 600 S. Jeff Davis Pkwy. 70119 Eric Warren
Evans Playground 5100 LaSalle St. 70115 Jimmy McNeal
Lyons Playground 624 Louisiana St. 70115  
Taylor Playground 2600 S. Roman St. 70125 Geoffrey Lewis 
Thompson Playground 7200 Forshey St. 70125 Timothy Dede
Wisner Playground 4877 Lauren Street - 70115 Jacquelle Goff


District C Volleyball Locations
Playground Address Site Supervisor
Behrman Playground 2500 Gen. Meyer Ave. 70114 Donald Wallace
Bodenger Playground 3400 Kanas St. 70114 Alred Luke
Cut-Off Center/Playground 6600 Belgarade St. 70114 Craig Stevenson
Hunter's Field 1600 N. Claiborne Ave. 70116 James Small
Lemann Playground 537 N. Claiborne Ave. 70112  
McDonogh Playground 1515 Teche St. 70114 Gary Colar
Norman Playground 3100 Eaton St. 70114 Calvin Foy


District D Volleyball Locations
Playground Address Site Supervisor
Bunny Friend Playground 1900 Desire St. 70117 Larry Cook
Digby Playground 6600 Virgilian St. 70126 Ron Wiltz
Goretti Playground 7500 Benson St. 70127 Eric Soublet
Kenilworth Playground 7820 Redfish St. 70126 Jason Bertrand
McCue Playground 2600 Franklin Ave. 70117 Anthony Roman
Milne Playground 2500 Filmore St. 70122 Tommi Jones
Pontchartrain Playground 6500 Press Dr. 70126 Wilford Morris
St. Roch Playground 1800 St. Roch Ave. 70117 Bernard Dyer


District E Volleyball Locations
Playground Address Site Supervisor
East Shore Playground 14600 Curran St. 70126 Robert Greenlee III
Joe W. Brown Park
5601 Read Blvd. 70127
Ryan Smith
Sam Bonart Playground 1200 Forstall St. 70117 William Lynch
Sampson Playground 3100 Louisa St. 70114 Dwana Caliste






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