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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

NORD Commission

Download the ordinance that establishes the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission


The next commission meeting will be August 4, 5-7pm at Gernon Brown Center - 1001 Harrison Avenue

The NORD Commission consists of 13 members appointed by the Mayor, subject to the approval of the City Council.  The commission is represented by the following:  

  • The Mayor
  • First Deputy Mayor, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Deputy Mayor of Operations
  • New Orleans City Councilmember
  • Superintendent of the Recovery School District
  • Chairman of the Orleans Parish School Board
  • Chairman of the City Planning Commission
  • Chairman of the New Orleans Recreation Development Foundation
  • One resident from each of the five City Council Districts who possesses expertise or experience in at least one of the following subject areas:  arts or culture; sports; accounting or finance; business; law; or who is a consumer of NORDC activities, including but not limited to, a coach of a youth sports team, parent or guardian of a child who is a consumer of NORDC activities, youth sports-related booster club member, or someone experience in providing cultural or recreational programming to senior citizens.   

NORD Commissioners

  • Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu 
  • Andy Kopplin - First Deputy Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer
  • Ava Rogers - Deputy CAO of Operations
  • James Austin Gray II -New Orleans City Councilmember
  • Kelly Brown - New Orleans City Planning Commission 
  • John Sibal - New Orleans Recreation Development Foundation 
  • Nolan Marshall Jr. - Orleans Parish School Board 
  • Dana Peterson - Recovery School District
  • Corinne "Rini" Marcus, NORDC Vice-Chair - City Council District A 
  • Kira Orange-Jones - City Council District B 
  • Roy A. Glapion, NORDC Chair - City Council District C 
  • Adria Kimbrough - City Council District D 
  • Michael Darnell, NORDC Treasurer -- City Council District E 


Commission Contact:  Deborah Langhoff 504-658-3017,

NORDC Sub-Committees

Roy Glapion as NORDC Chair

Facilities Committee           

  • Kelly Brown - Chair
  • Rini Marcus
  • Nolan Marshall Jr.
  • John Sibal

Finance/Audit Committee

  • Andy Kopplin - Chair
  • John Sibal - Vice Chair
  • Kelly Brown
  • Michael Darnell


  • Michael Darnell - Chair
  • Nolan Marshall Jr.
  • Dana Peterson
  • Ava Rogers

Programming/Public Relations

  • Rini Marcus - Chair
  • John Sibal - Vice Chair
  • James Gray
  • Kelly Brown

Personnel/Human Resources

  • Kira Orange Jones - Chair
  • Adria Kimbrough - Vice Chair
  • Michael Darnell

Commission Meetings

Tentative schedule of the sub-committe meetings.

Next NORDC Commission Meeting 

Tuesday, August 4, 5-7pm
Gernon Brown Rec Center 1001 Harrison Ave.


NORDC Commission Presentations & Minutes

Presentations Meeting Minutes

NORDC Presentation 7-7-15

Capital Projects Presentation 7-7-15


NORDC Presentation 6-2-15
Capital Projects Presentation 6-2-15

NORDC Minutes 6-2-15 
NORDC Presentation 5-5-15
Capital Projects Presentation 5-5-15
NORDC Minutes 5-5-15
NORDC Presentation 4-7-15
Capital Projects Presentation 4-7-15
NORDC Minutes 4-7-15

NORDC Presentation 3-3-15
Capital Projects Presentation 3-3-15

NORDC Minutes 3-3-15

NORDC Presentation 2-3-15
Capital Projects Presentation 2-3-15

NORDC Minutes 2-3-15
NORDC Presentation 1-6-15
Capital Projects Presentation 1-6-15 
NORDC Minutes 1-6-15
NORDC Presentation 12-9-14
Capital Projects Presentation 12-9-14
NORDC Minutes 12-9-14

NORDC Presentation 11-4-14
Capital Projects Presentation 11-4-14

NORDC Minutes 11-4-14
NORDC Presentation 10-07-14 NORDC Minutes 10-7-14
NORDC Presentation 9-9-14 NORDC Minutes 9-9-14
NORDC Presentation 8-5-14 NORDC Minutes 8-5-14
NORDC Presentation 7-1-14 NORDC Minutes 7-1-14
NORDC Presentation 6-3-14 NORDC Minutes 6-3-14
NORDC Presentation 5-6-14 NORDC Minutes 5-6-14
NORDC Presentation 4-1-14 NORDC Minutes 4-1-14
NORDC Presentation 3-11-14 NORDC Minutes 3-11-14
NORDC Presentation 2-4-14 NORDC Minutes 2-4-14
NORDC Presentation 1-14-13 NORDC Minutes 1-14-14
NORDC Presentation 12-10-13 NORDC Minutes 12-10-13
NORDC Presentation 11-5-163 NORDC Minutes 11-5-13
NORDC Presentation 10-1-13 NORDC Minutes 10-1-13
NORDC Presentation 9-10-13 NORDC Minutes 9-10-13
NORDC Presentation 8-6-13 NORDC Minutes 8-6-13

NORDC Presentation 7-9-13

NORDC Minutes 7-9-13
NORDC Presentation 6-4-13 NORDC Minutes 6-4-13
NORDC Presentation 5-7-13 NORDC Minutes 5-7-13
NORDC Presentation 4-2-13 NORDC Minutes 4-2-13
NORDC Presentation 3-5-13 NORDC Minutes 3-5-13
NORDC Presentation 2-5-13 NORDC Minutes 2-5-13
NORDC Presentation 1-8-13 NORDC Minutes 1-8-13



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