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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

New Outdoor Programs

For NORDC Summer Camp Partner Organizations 

Sign up for a field trip experience with NORDC Outdoors! Give your students the chance to come canoe and play fun teambuilding games at Joe W. Brown Park. While only children 10 and older are eligible for canoeing opportunities, younger children can come play games and do nature activities that will help them learn in fun, hands-on ways.

For camps that remember working with LOOP in the past, this is a very similar option, with identical values and a nearly identical format. However, because it’s run through NORDC, we can offer it to NORDC camps FREE OF CHARGE! Field trip times are from 10:00-11:45 and 1:00-2:45 every weekday starting on Tuesday, June 3, and are available to 25 students at a time. All events take place at Joe W. Brown Park. Camps should call or e-mail soon the reserve their spots. Emily Snyder can be reached at, 658-3082, or 202-4042.

Family Canoe Days

For: Families with children over 8-years-old. Children must weigh at least 40 pounds.  Maximum of 25 participants per day
When: The first Saturday of every month 10am-1:30pm thorugh May 3
(on hiatus during the summer)
Where: Joe W. Brown Park
How to Register:  Download a registration form, here. Please note that registration forms are due by the first Thursday of the month. 

This program provides a bonding experience for families through teambuilding activities and canoeing in the lagoon at Joe W. Brown Park. Families will spend half the day playing games that strengthen their communication and teamwork skills, then canoe together to solidify those skills and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Please come dressed for cold weather! We will be outside the entire time. Please be advised that you do NOT need to know how to swim in order to participate! Every participant will wear a life jacket, which will be provided.  The goal is that no one goes in the water!

Roots & Sprouts

For: Toddlers with a parent or guardian
When: Tuesdays 10-11am through May 13 (on hiatus during the summer)
Where: Joe W. Brown Park
How to Register:  Download a registration form, here.

A fun, developmentally appropriate program for toddlers, designed to introduce them to the wonders of nature in order to spark their creativity and enhance learning. This is a great opportunity to bond with toddlers and learn how to foster a positive, connected relationship with the world.

This is a shine-only program. We won't meet in the rain, but we will meet in the cold! Make sure you're dressed appropriately. Snacks will sometimes be offered. Please inform staff of any food allergies. 



Nature Club

For: Children ages 7-11 who are residents of New Orleans
When: The second Saturday of each month, from 10am– 12noon, beginning on March 8
Where: Joe W. Brown Park

What:  Nature Club is an opportunity to get children outside, engaging with nature in the ways that are natural to childhood. The club will intertwine structured activities with times for participant-led exploration of natural spaces. Activities might include making bird feeders, planting and maintaining a small garden, nature trail scavenger hunts, dip netting, canoeing, trash pickups, reading topical books, art projects, running-around games, and an assortment of other games and ideas that get children thinking about their place in the natural world, and their relationship to it. Each session will have planned activities, and leave enough time open for participants to explore. When a child requests an activity (which they inevitably will), it will be deeply considered and worked into the curriculum to better cater to the curiosities and interests of participants. 

Teens for a Greener New Orleans

For: Teenagers
When: Starting Fall 2014
Where: Joe W. Brown Park

The environmental club provides an opportunity for teens to make a positive impact in their city and their planet. They will work together to create environmental projects of their choosing and be guided through putting those projects into action. Examples of possible projects include campaigns against litter, cleanups, energy saving efforts in schools, etc.

This is a program for teenagers who are dedicated to making a difference. Dress for the weather because our meetings will be outside. 


Kindergarten Class Field Trip

Get your class involved wiht a multi-session class that will let your students explore, play and discover.  For details, contact Emily Snyder, Outdoor Programs Manager (504) 658-3000 or

Questions?  Contact Emily Snyder, Outdoor Programs Manager (504) 658-3000 or


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