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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

About Us

The Office of Performance and Accountability was created by Mayor Landrieu, with City Council support, in January 2011, resulting in a sustained commitment to performance management for the first time in the City’s history. 


To promote better services to citizens by utilizing data to

  • Develop operational improvements
  • Make better-informed policy decisions
  • Foster transparency in how City government is performing
  • Build trust in government
  • Promote accountability for delivering results to citizens


  • OPA work should demonstrate the highest standards of integrity, quality, and accuracy.
  • OPA work should be intentionally provocative of insights, solutions, and actions for improvement.
  • OPA programming should be purposeful at delivering better outcomes.
  • OPA work should exemplify the value of teamwork in accomplishing city-wide goals.
  • OPA should show thrift in the demands made of city departments; the benefit of the insights obtained through data analysis should outweigh the costs to obtain it.
  • OPA should demonstrate humility in its approach to working with others and a commitment to continually learn, improve and educate.
  • OPA work should be clear, concise, and reader-friendly so that our work can be understood by all intended audiences.
  • OPA work should foster a culture of ownership and accountability within departments for their work - cultivating the sense of responsibility for one’s actions, for pride in what is done well, and responsibility for what is not done well.


A citizen-focused, data-driven government where all employees are motivated to continually improve performance

Contact Us

View our contact information here.

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