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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Coming Home & Re-Entry Placards

After a mandatory evacuation, New Orleans will return citizens to the City only when we deem it safe for citizens to return. Do not attempt to return until the City of New Orleans deems it safe.


Just as the City has a plan to leave the City, it has a plan to re-enter it. New Orleans uses a tiered plan for re-entering the city after the Mayor issues a mandatory evacuation. Tiered re-entry means citizens and business come back at different times, allowing all possible essential services that citizens would need, such as power, food supply, etc., to get back and up and running.

There are three tiers of re-entry. Businesses must register for a re-entry placard  to be assigned to a tier that re-enters before citizens. Businesses will receive a Tier level and a certain number of placards for the vehicles needed to re-enter the city. These placards dictate when the business can re-enter the City.

Citizens do not need a placard to re-enter the City. They will re-enter after the initial tiers.


New Orleans uses a staggered re-entry system based on tiered, sequenced plan.  Businesses in Orleans Parish must reapply for a 2013-2014 placard if it needs to re-enter the city before citizens after a mandatory evacuation.

For questions about placards, including re-setting and passwords, or to make an appointment to pick up placards, please contact Carlos Muniz at (504) 658-8714.

Safety & Assistance Post-Return

Dial 311 or visit to find information about critical health and human services available, such as food, clothing, shelter, medical information, and more.

Check out the Center for Disease Control for information on staying safe in your home, including how to clean your home and stop mold, protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning, keep drinking water and food safe and prevent electrical injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

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