Workforce Development

Job1 Business and Career Solutions

The goal of JOB1 Business and Career Solutions is to provide employers with a skilled workforce and to link job seekers to employment that leads to self-sufficiency.  JOB1 provides employment and training services federally funded through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).  

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LED FastStart®

Recognized for its innovation, effectiveness, flexibility and efficiency, LED FastStart® is the nation's best state workforce training program, according to Business Facilities magazine. 

FastStart provides customized employee recruitment, screening, training development and training delivery for eligible, new or expanding companies — all at no cost. Based on a company's immediate and long-term workforce needs, the FastStart team crafts unique programs that ensure high-quality, flexible workers are prepared on day one and beyond.

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Louisiana Workforce Commission

With programs such as HiRE and Louisiana Star Jobs, the Louisiana Workforce Commission seeks to put the people of Louisiana to work. 

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Quality Jobs

The Quality Jobs Program provides a refundable tax credit as an incentive to encourage businesses to locate in Louisiana, to create quality jobs, and to promote economic development.

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