Drainage Pump Station (DPS 01) Watershed: Central City, Lower Garden District, Broadmoor


The project area includes nine New Orleans neighborhoods: Broadmoor, Central City, Garden District, Lower Garden District, Irish Channel, St. Thomas Development, Touro, East Riverside, and Milan. These neighborhoods are located between the Central Business District and Uptown and within the Drainage Pump Station 1 (DPS 01) drainage district. Properties in these neighborhoods experience frequent localized flooding and repetitive losses due to regular weather events.

While all of the previously mentioned neighborhoods will benefit from this project, the designed projects will be in an area that is bound by Broad Street to the north, Martin Luther King Boulevard and Melpomene Street to the east, Tchoupitoulas Street to the south, and Louisiana Avenue and Toledano Street to the west. Implementing green infrastructure, along with new pipe drainage connections throughout the project area, will provide widespread benefits in the adjacent upriver neighborhoods.

For more information, including a description of further project benefits, Click the link below to view the CNO Resilience Project fact sheet:

Click the link below to view the DPS 01 Watershed (Central City, Lower Garden District, Broadmoor) Project Presentation delivered at community project meetings held on May 9 & 16, 2017:


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