Hagan - Lafitte Drainage Upgrades & Green Infrastructure

​Please View Hagan Lafitte Pre Construction Community  Meeting Presentation.


The City of New Orleans is protected by levees on all sides. To reduce flooding, rainfall runoff must be pumped out of the City using a flood protection system. Though the system is powerful, the pumps used limit the rate at which stormwater can be removed. During heavy rainfalls, stormwater has backed up out of the underground pipes and overflown into the streets. To increase the metropolitan area’s resiliency, the City of New Orleans secured funding from FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) to implement a series of drainage upgrade and green infrastructure projects across the city with a goal to reduce flooding.

Due to the nature of flooding in New Orleans and this particular project site, it has been deemed necessary to utilize a mix of “gray” and “green” drainage infrastructure. Located between the Lafitte Greenway and Orleans Avenue in the Mid-City neighborhood, the 33-acre Hagan-Lafitte site is comprised of one neighborhood park and 23-blocks of residential and commercial properties stretching from Bayou St. John to Broad Street.

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Click the link below to the Hagan-Lafitte Drainage Upgrades and Green Infrastructure presentation, delivered at a community outreach meeting held on November 07, 2017


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