How monthly pensions are calculated?

A member’s retirement allowance is based on his/her average annual base earned compensation. This amount is calculated using the member’s highest consecutive average sixty (60) months of eligible earnings. The average compensation is multiplied by the Board approved percentages as noted below:

2.5% per year – Years 1 through 25
4% per year – Years after 25

NOTE: The maximum pension benefit is 100% of the average annual base compensation and is granted to members with 34 years and 5 months of creditable service.

Members hired on or after January 1, 2018

2.5% per year for all years

Sample Monthly Pension Calculation (Members hired before 1/1/18)
Example A Example B
$1,000.00 average eligible earnings $1,000.00 average eligible earning
10 years of service 30 years of service
10 x 2.5% = 25% 25 years x 2.5% = 62.5%
  5 years x 4% = 20%
  62.5% + 20% = 82.5%
Total pension  Total pension 
25% x $1,000.00 = $250.00/mo 82.5% x $1,000.00 = $825/mo

Purchase of Service Credit

Prior military service

Any actively contributing member with at least five (5) years creditable service with NOMERS may purchase a maximum of four (4) years of creditable service for time served on continuous active duty prior to beginning City employment. Additionally, the four year maximum limit may include credit for military service related to full-time active duty service exceeding five consecutive days which was performed after employment began.

Also, duty which is not full-time active duty may be converted to creditable service. In no case shall more than one year of service be creditable for all service in one calendar year. The credit is available for honorably discharged members with service in any branch of the Armed Services of the United States including the National Guard and reserve forces.

The cost is based on the person's beginning salary and an interest rate of four percent calculated from the date of hire. Please contact the Retirement System for more information.

Leave without pay

Leave without pay is considered hours that an employee did not work and did not receive pay. Members may purchase retirement credit for up to a maximum of one year of LWOP. Members are required to pay the employees' contributions and applicable interest only.

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