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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Comprehensive Stormwater Management

Sustainable stormwater strategies are designed to reduce the impact of development on the environment. They can be implemented at three scales: 1) the region or large watershed area, 2) the community or neighborhood, and 3) the site or block. Different stormwater approaches are used at different scales to afford the greatest degree of protection to waterbodies. At the regional or watershed scale, decisions about where and how to develop are the first, and perhaps most important, decisions related to water quality. At the site and block scale, combining multiple strategies to address stormwater volumes can have significant beneficial effects on water quality, subsidence, and flood control.

CZO Article 23

Article 23 of the new Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) applies to any new development or redevelopment, aside from single- or two-family residences, that is five thousand (5,000) square feet or more of impervious surface, or a total site area of one (1) acre or more. It requires that the plan retain, detain, and filter the first one and one quarter inch (1.25”) of stormwater runoff during each rain event.

What is the process?

  • If needed, the applicant will be referred to the City Planning Commission (CPC) for a pre-application meeting where CPC staff will explain the requirements of the application and provide further clarification and guidance on the stormwater requirements.
  • Upon submission of a building permit, the Department of Safety and Permits (DS&P) will determine whether a stormwater management plan is required.
  • Once an application is submitted, the CPC staff and other departments and agencies will review the plan and provide comments to the applicant.
  • Once a plan is approved by the CPC staff, the applicant will record the plan with the Notarial Archives and the Office of Conveyances and post a maintenance bond.
  • After this is complete, the applicant may continue with the permitting process.
  • Stormwater features are subject to inspection during and after construction. 

Who can design a stormwater management plan for a site?

To find a registered landscape architect licensed by the Louisiana Horticulture Commission, please visit:


To find a registered professional engineer licensed by the Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board (LAPELS), please visit:

Need more information about Article 23?

  • To learn more about the requirements for a Stormwater Management Plan, please refer to the Stormwater Management Plan Requirements
  • To learn what constitutes an impervious surface, please visit our Calculation of Impervious Surfaces document

For an in-depth guide to the CPC Stormwater process, please refer to our Stormwater Management Guide

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