Performance Management Training

The New Performance Management System

Under the guidelines of the Great Place to Work Initiative, a new performance management system has been designed to drive improvement in performance across all City departments. This new performance management involves 3 important phases:

  1. Performance Planning Period (September – January 31st)
  2. Performance Period (January – December of the current year)
  3. Performance Evaluation Period (January – April of the following year)


Activate PERFORM Account

If you are a supervisor, this handout should give you detailed information on how to prepare for and conduct performance planning sessions with your direct reports. Performance Planning Handout

During the Performance Period, you can use a continuous monitoring and feedback form to maintain performance records of your direct report(s). It is recommended but not required that you use this particular form. In other words, you are not required to use this form if you have your own way of maintaining performance records.    Continuous Monitoring and Feedback Form

During the Performance Evaluation Period, you (as a supervisor) will be required to evaluate your employee's performance based on the records you have been maintaining throughout the year.  This handout should help you prepare for your performance evaluation meeting.  Please note that the performance session is similar to the old service rating counseling session.  Performance Evaluation Handout

If your direct reports require additional help in achieving their performance goals and improving their performance, please use the list of training courses here.  Training Course List

Additionally, here's a template of position descriptions that you and your direct reports may use.  This will be helpful in drafting performance goals and related tasks/behavioral expectations. Position Description Position Description Template

Here’s a detailed walk through to the soon-to-be-launched online performance management system – PERFORM. Using this resource, you would be able to use the online PM system for performance planning and/or  performance evaluation for your direct reports easily. NeoGov PERFORM System.  *Please note that there were minor changes made to the online form after this resource was put together.

Please see this presentation on the requirements for supervisors when rendering a performance evaluation of Does Not Meet Expectations.

Supervisors are required to establish a three-month assessment plan for their new employees soon after their appointment. The copy of this form can be found here: Probationary Employee Three Month Performance Assessment Form

The Employee Growth and Development division has designed a course to cover the two most significant aspects of the PERFORM evaluation system: PERFORM Planning Session and PERFORM Evaluation Session.  Please visit the Civil Service Training Catalog - PERFORM (Performance Evaluations) Course Number SUPV 671 for additional information at the link below:

2023 Training Catalog 

Here is some information that we offer City employees during the SUPV 671 class.

  1. Performance Management Training
  2. Bulk action Goal Planning - (For supervisors with more than 5 employees)
  3. Three-month Assessment for New Employees

For those who are interested in learning about how this system was developed, review these resources:

  1. Performance Management Report
  2. Performance Management Presentation Deck

If you have any questions regarding Performance Evaluations, please do not hesitate to call or email Civil Service at 658-3500 or