Search City Contracts

City contracts that have been active within the past five years are available for search and download.

Search Bids & Contracts

Please follow these tips for use:

  1. Click on the link "Contract & Bid Search"
  2. Select "Contracts/Blankets"
  3. Select  "CONTRACTS – Contract Management System" from the Organization drop down menu
  4. Select "Include expired" if you are searching for contracts that are no longer active
  5. Enter your search information in any or all of the following fields. Searching by fewer criteria will produce more possible results:
    • Contract/Blanket Description – Enter one or two keywords here that are likely to be in the Contract Description
    • Vendor Name – Enter a keyword from the Vendor Name to allow for more results
    • Expiration From and To Date – You must enter both dates to search by this field
  6. Select the Department from the drop down menu – "CONTRACTS – Contract Management System" must be selected from "Organization" drop down menu to enable this optional search criteria
  7. Click the "Find it" at the bottom of the page to generate the list of contracts.