Free Smoke Alarm Installation

The New Orleans Fire Department is offering to install smoke alarms free of charge to the community.   NOFD Public Affairs coordinate the efforts with Suppression Division who will come to the community member's home and install as many smoke alarms as needed in a residence. Batteries will also be replaced in the smoke alarms of elderly or physically challenged persons who cannot change their batteries themselves.   

The New Orleans Fire Department can now service Deaf and Hard of Hearing community members of Orleans Parish with smoke alarm systems specifically designed for this portion of our community. Our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Smoke Alarm System consists of a strobe light, vibrating bed/pillow shaker and a traditional audible alarm. All are provided free of charge to any deaf or hard of hearing community member of Orleans Parish in need.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Smoke Alarm System

To request a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Smoke Alarm System, a standard Smoke Alarm System and/or battery replacement for these units, please fill out our Program Request Form below or you can contact the New Orleans Fire Department's Community Relations Division at 504-658-4714. 

This program is made possible from donations to the Friends of the New Orleans Fire Department.

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