Food Access: What's Happening?

Summer EBT is On the Way!


In January, Governor Landry announced that the state of Louisiana would not participate in the USDA'S Summer EBT program, which provides children at designated schools and camps with nutritious meals when classes are out for the summer. The program reaches and helps feed around 600,000 children in Louisiana during the summer, greatly relieving hunger and food insecurity for children who are out of school.

The decision not to participate this year was a cause for concern for many, as this would have left thousands of children around the state hungry over the summer. However, on May 1st, the Louisiana Senate voted unanimously to approve a resolution to fund the program, and on May 6th the Louisiana DCFS announced that the state would participate in the program after all!

For more information about the Summer EBT program, including how to check your eligibility and enroll, visit the DCFS website below.

Sun Bucks Summer EBT is Coming to Louisiana!