Summer Meals for Students


There are two USDA-operated programs in Louisiana that provide food assistance for children in low-income households: 

SUN Meals provides kids of all ages with meals and snacks during the summer at no cost at schools, parks, and other neighborhood locations. You can find sites near you using the Summer Meals Site Finder.

SUN Bucks is a new grocery benefit that gives households with eligible school-aged children $120 per child directly to the SNAP EBT cards of recipients.  Existing recipients of SNAP, TANF, and FDPIR are automatically enrolled in SUN Bucks, but anyone who meets the income limits and other requirements may apply for the benefit, too.



Need more information? Check the links in the sidebar for SUN Meals sites, SUN Bucks program information, and application instructions. 

Spread the word! SUN Bucks Summer EBT and SUN Meals are coming to Louisiana

Do you have a child who attends a summer camp or summer school program? If so, they can get free meals at sites that participate in the SUN Meals (AKA Summer Feeding) program. To find  your nearest SUN Meals site, use the SUN Meals Site Finder.

SUN Bucks will provide eligible households with an additional $120 per student. Recipients of other benefits, including but not limited to SNAP and WIC, will be automatically enrolled, but anyone who meets the income requirement is eligible to apply. Benefits will begin going out in June and must be used within 120 days of being loaded onto EBT cards. More information, include eligibility and site location information, can be found at the links to the right.

Louisiana was one of the last states to approve the SUN Bucks Summer EBT Program. Because of this, we need to get information to families who could benefit from this program ASAP! Please help us spread the word about SUN Bucks so that we can help ensure that no students goes hungry this summer. You can find flyers and other promotional materials to the right.

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