Office of Violence Prevention

The New Orleans Health Department's Office of Violence Prevention (OVP) leads the city's response to violence prevention by coordinating partnerships with health care institutions, community organizations, service providers, and academic expertise by implementing evidence-based strategies to prevent violence and promote peace. Our commitment is to foster a collaborative ecosystem where public health approaches drive innovative solutions to reduce violence, support victims, and create a resilient city where every individual can thrive without fear.

Current Programs

Ubuntu Village

Ubuntu Village is a New Orleans-based nonprofit that works with families at a community-based level. They aim to achieve social, economic, and transformative justice through community interventions promoting health, hope, and healing.

Hospital-based Violence Interupters

In 2023, the New Orleans City Council approved a proposed cooperative edndeavor agreement between the City of New Orleans and University Medical Center Management Corporation, to provide support for the UMC Trauma Recovery Center in treatment and support to victims of trauma and their families. The funding increases the number of patient visits, outcomes, and other metrics and its community advisory board and the City will provide financial support.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program

The New Orleans Health Department’s Domestic Violene and Sexual Assault (DV & SA) program coordinates community-based and criminal justice partnerships and programs, providing training & technical assistance, supporting prevention programming for families impacted by violence, and advocating for policies that support survivors. Some efforts include the Advocate Initiated Response (AIR) Program, the Domestic Abuse Fatality Review Team, the Mayor's Domestic Violence Working Group, the New Orleans Domestic Violence Prevention Committee, and the Sexual Violence Response Advisory Committee. NOHD's DV & SA Program also coordinates domestic violence and sexual assault multi-disciplinary case review teams and additional working groups and task forces.

Thrive Kids

ThriveKids is an initiative supported by the New Orleans Health Department, funded through the City, and operated by our Children’s Hospital LCMC group. The initiative greatly increases the amount of mental health providers by putting more providers in all of our public schools.