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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Support Methodology

The Help Desk is the point of contact for all support and work orders, including but not limited to hardware and software questions, technology consulting, installations, networking questions, network connection requests, mobile devices and general troubleshooting. Every effort is made to resolve problems at the point of entry to the Help Desk; however, problems requiring specialized technical skills or those whose solution is not apparent are forwarded to tier 2 and 3 support personnel for further investigation.

Responsibilities of the client

Before contacting the Help Desk, clients should explore help that is readily available in their departments including any help utility built into applications and the operating system soft- ware. When local help resources have been exhausted, contact the Help Desk. When contacting the Help Desk please be ready with complete contact information (first and last name, username, department and contact number), type of computer or device that is experiencing problems, a succinct description of the problem or request including any error messages.

Tiered support

The Help Desk uses a tier system to augment customer service. Familiarity with the tier system allows clients understand problem severity and the technical support for the corresponding problem. The three tiers are as follows:

Tier 1

A work order or open ticket is usually initiated by a Tier 1 agent. A Tier 1 task is usually one that could be completed or solved by a front-line support person. Tasks at this level may be completed without high levels of system access, and problems at this level may usually be easily solved through the use of support tools or available documentation.

Tier 2

If an order requires a higher level of support it is escalated to a Tier 2 agent.  A Tier 2 task is usually one that requires moderate-level system access, time and expertise. Problems at this level usually require intermediate to advanced-level troubleshooting.  Open tickets that reach Tier 2 are related to technical difficulties with hardware and software.

Tier 3

Tier 3 is the highest level of Help Desk support. They are involved in specific customer problems only when the problem cannot be resolved by Tier 1 and Tier 2 agents. Tier 3 tasks require support on complex hardware and network operating system software.

For more information regarding Support and Help Desk Services, refer to Appendix A and B.

Problem Definition

The following standard problem definitions will apply to the services provided under the terms of this Agreement. SM refers to a Service Manager. These definitions explain the severity of problems, ITI’s response and what the clients response should be. Understanding these various levels enhances effectiveness and efficiency in response to problems.

Problem Definitions
Security Level Situation ITI Response Client Response

Routine Customer Service Request

  • Includes routine Q&A and sup port consulting
  • Help Desk troubleshoots the case, engages experts and dispatches labor when required, how- ever the Service Manager is not engaged.
  • Customer provides contact information for case owner
  • Case owner responds to ITI request within 24 hours


  • Complete Loss of a core organizational or business process where work cannot reasonably continue
  • Case requires continuous 24x7 attention from ITI and the Client
  • Service Manager initiates and manages the resolution.
  • Service Manager or Help Desk Technician troubleshoots the case, engages experts and dispatches when required
  • Customer provides appropriate staff and resource to sustain continuous 24x7 communication and work effort
  • Without appropriate customer resource, the case will be downgraded to Severity Level 2.
  • Customer notifies senior executives on site of the case


  • High impact on organizational or business processes
  • An effective and imminent workaround or resolution appears to be within standard support Service Level Agreements
  • Client is unable to dedicate re- sources required for a continuous 24x7 effort
  • Help Desk Technician or Service Manager troubleshoots the case, engages experts and dispatches when required
  • Within 4 hours of time, the Service Manager will call the Client to discuss a work plan for closure
  • If necessary the case will be escalated to a product expert
  • Customer provides appropriate staff and resources to sustain continuous communication and work effort.
  • Customer notifies management at customer of the case


  • Minimal organizational or business impact
  • Help Desk troubleshoots the case, engages experts and dispatches labor when required. The SM is not engaged.
  • A team member will replace parts and will be dispatched quickly to the location after phone based troubleshooting, if necessary
  • Case status is communicated to the Client daily or as mutually agreed
  • Customer provides contact information for case owner
  • Case owner responds to customer request within 24 hours


  • Required resources warrants establishment of a project
  • Request has no immediate organizational impact
  • SM may play a lead role or may act as a functional owner engaging other ITI resources as required for project-oriented work and Q&A
  • ITI Project Management Office provides necessary technical assistance and templates so Client can complete a Project Initiation Form
  • Customer provides contact information for case owner
  • Case owner responds to ITI request within 24 hours
  • Client generates work plan and Project Initiation Form for submission to IT PMO

Problem Escalation

Problem Escalation procedures are most appropriately applied to Standard and Non-standard Services after the targeted Service Level Agreement has been missed. Once that deadline has passed, Clients should call the help desk for a status update on the ticket in question. If the ticket has not been satisfactorily resolved, the Client should ask for a to the Help Desk Manager. The Help Desk Manager shall be allowed one business day to satisfactorily resolve the matter. Should resolution not be achieved, the Client, through communications with the Help Desk, or the Help Desk Manager may escalate the ticket simultaneously to the relevant Director within ITI and ITI’s Quality Assurance and Control Manager. The issue will then be resolved, in conjunction with the requesting Client, leveraging the expertise and resources of ITI’s senior management.

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