Jobs with the City of New Orleans

Jobs at the City are divided into unclassified and classified service. 

New Police Civilian Positions

NOPD is hiring for a number of civilian positions.  Click here to for details and to apply for these positions. 

Classified Jobs

Most city jobs are classified positions. There are dozens of classified jobs listed at the City of New Orleans job portal.

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Promotional Jobs

  • You can apply for these jobs if you already work in a classified City of New Orleans Civil Service position.
  • You must have permanent status, sometimes probationary status is allowed.
  • You must be working in a lower job classification.
  • If you are working in a higher job classification, check with the agency about a voluntary demotion.

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Unclassified Jobs

The following are considered to be in the unclassified service:

  • Officers elected by the people, and persons appointed to fill vacancies in elective offices.
  • The Chief Administrative Officer, and all department heads except the Director of Personnel.
  • One principal assistant or deputy and one person holding a confidential position for the Chief Administrative Officer, for each department head except the Department of Civil Service, for the council, and for each elected officer, board, authority, and commission established or recognized by this Charter.
  • Employees in the office of the Mayor and City Attorney.
  • Members of boards and advisory committees.
  • Bona fide students of schools employed by municipal agencies.
  • Railroad employees whose working conditions and retirement benefits are regulated by federal agencies in accordance with federal law.

The following is a list of unclassified positions and other employment opportunities.

City Jobs

  • Assistant City Attorney (Contracts)
  • Assistant City Attorney (In-House)
  • Assistant City Attorney (Litigation)
  • Assistant City Attorney (Municipal and Traffic Court)
  • Community Outreach Liaison
  • Confidential Executive Assistant to Chief Information Officer / IT Director
  • Construction Project Manager
  • Crime Victim and Survivor Services Coordinator
  • Film New Orleans Production Coordinator
  • Green Infrastructure Project Manager
  • GROWW Coordinator
  • Junior Federal Grants Procurement Compliance Officer - FEMA
  • Junior Federal Grants Procurement Compliance Officer - HUD CDBG-NDR
  • Landscape Architect
  • Language and Communication Coordinator
  • NOLA Ready Corps Volunteer Coordinator
  • Office of Supplier Diversity
  • Police Performance Auditor
  • Policy Advisor- OCJC
  • Press Assistant
  • Press Secretary
  • Project Controls Scheduler / Report Specialist
  • Project Management Supervisor
  • Project Manager (DPW)
  • Project Manager II
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Reconciliation Specialist
  • Reporting Specialist
  • Youth and Family Specialist
  • Orleans Parish Juvenile Court Jobs

  • Court Clerk II
  • Evidence Clerk
  • Minute Clerk
  • Orleans Parish Juvenile Court Teen Court Facilitator
  • Teen Court Facilitator
  • Youth and Family Specialist