Orleans Parish Juvenile Court

All fines and fees, including, but not limited to, bond, bond processing fee, traffic and adoptions.


The Orleans Parish Juvenile Court is dedicated to providing a court of excellence for children, youth and families by enforcing the Louisiana Children’s Code. 

The long-term vision of the Judges of the Orleans Parish Juvenile Court (OPJC) is to become a court of excellence that effectively and efficiently hears and disposes of cases that are brought in the areas of abuse and neglect, adoption, child support, delinquency, juvenile traffic offenses, terminations of parental rights, voluntary transfers of custody, voluntary surrenders and other miscellaneous matters.


Hon. Clinton Smith

Judge, Section A

Hon. Candice Bates-Anderson

Judge, Section C

Hon. Desiree Cook-Calvin

Judge, Section E

Hon. Ranord J. Darensburg

Chief Judge, Section F