Restitution/Community Service

Restitution/Community Service

The main goals of restitution and community service programs are to hold offenders personally accountable for their crimes and to make reparations to victims either directly or indirectly.

Research has shown that restitution has therapeutic value for offenders and victims.  It permits the offender to regain self-respect by doing the right thing and provides a sense of justice, as well as reparation, to the victim.

The juvenile restitution program operates with the philosophy that all youth in New Orleans should be held accountable to the community for their actions.  By offering a renewed self-respect to delinquent juveniles, the program strives to make a difference.

Juvenile restitution provides community service supervision and payment status monitoring.

Our Community Service Partners are:

1.      Bridge House Thrift Store
          1160 Camp Street
          New Orleans, LA

2.       Department of Sanitation
          2829 Elysian Fields Ave

3.      Goodwill Industries
          3400 Tulane Ave

4.       Goodwill Thrift Store
          123 Robert E. Lee

Eligible youth               

Ages 12 – 17

For more information or assistance please call (504)-658-9562