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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

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City updates public on boil water advisory for East Bank of Orleans Parish

March 03, 2013

NEW ORLEANS, LA-- A precautionary boil water advisory has been issued for all of the East Bank of Orleans Parish, and will remain in effect at least 24 hours and until further notice. The West Bank of Orleans Parish is not impacted.

At approximately 9am this morning, an interruption in the boiler room at the Sewerage & Water Board Power Plant caused a loss of 25-cycle power. Engineers were able to transition to 60-cycle power but water pressure dipped below 15 psi (pounds per square inch), which is the threshold established by public health officials for issuing a boil water advisory.

Water pressure has stabilized across most of the city; however, this boil water advisory will remain in effect until further notice for customers in the affected area. Now, S&WB engineers and public health officials will undertake testing of water samples from across the city.

S&WB is recommending that customers boil their water for one minute and let it cool down prior to consumption (including drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, or preparing food).

Boil water for one full minute in a clean container. The one-minute boil time begins after the water has been brought to a rolling boil. (If there is a flat taste, it can be eliminated by shaking the water in a bottle, adding a pinch of salt, or pouring it from one container to another.)

At this time, it is not necessary to boil tap water used for other household purposes, such as showering, laundry, or bathing, but bathing or showering should be avoided by people with open wounds or who are immune-compromised. For those people who choose to shower or bathe in the tap water, minimize the time spent in the water and be sure to keep your eyes and mouth closed.

You may use a dishwasher if it has a sanitizing cycle. Pets are not normally affected by the same diseases as humans, but caution suggests giving pets boiled or bottled water.

Again, this boil water advisory will remain in effect until further notice, at least for 24 hours, for customers in the affected area.

The Sewerage and Water Board will notify residents when the advisory is lifted.

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