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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

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Mayor Landrieu and City of New Orleans provide end-of-the-year-update on successful 2013 Capital Improvement Program

January 07, 2014

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Today, Mayor Landrieu recorded the 2013 progress in completing construction and breaking ground on new facility and capital improvement projects citywide. As of December 31, 2013, the City has completed 116 priority facilities with a total investment of over $142 million since Mayor Landrieu took office in May 2010. The City also completed a total of 51 roadway projects in 2013, with a total funding investment of over $56 million. In 2013, FEMA committed over $101.5 million towards additional recovery projects. In total, since taking office in May 2010, the Landrieu Administration has increased FEMA funding by over $470 million. 

“For nearly four years, my administration has committed every day to rebuilding the city of New Orleans by prioritizing libraries, parks and playground and our public facilities and roadways,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu said. “We will not stop until recovery reaches every neighborhood across the city.” 

The Mayor’s Committed Projects, prioritized to redevelop public facilities and infrastructure destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, serve as anchors for the community, stimulate private investment, enhance economic development, and elevate quality of life and safety for residents. 

Noting the successes in attracting partners like NIKE, Chevron, Allstate, and the Brees Dream Foundation, Mayor Landrieu said, “We are maximizing FEMA recovery and other public sector dollars and attracting support from corporate and philanthropic champions that are equally committed to New Orleans’ future. With each completed capital project, our city grows stronger and there is still so much more to look forward to in 2014 and beyond.” 

Successes Achieved in 2013
Thirty-six projects were completed in 2013. Fourteen of which began in 2013, and 22 that carried forward from previous years. Total funding investment of the 36 projects was $38.7 million. Highlights include Joe W. Brown Park in New Orleans East, Lyons Center in East Riverside, Tremé Center, Cita Hubbell Library in Algiers Point, St. Roch Park, the Joseph Bartholomew Maintenance Warehouse in Pontchartrain Park, Norwood Thompson Playground in Gert Town and Harrell Stadium in Leonidas. 

Numerous 2013 projects leveraged support from corporate and philanthropic partners. For example, by partnering with NIKE, Allstate, and Brees Dream Foundation, Joe W. Brown Park includes a state-of-the-art community center, football stadium, and track and field facility. At the Lyons Center, Chevron provided funding for a new ballet studio and the NFL Foundation has provided a new computer lab. And as part of city of New Orleans hosting Super Bowl XLVII, the synthetic turf from the game was installed at Harrell Stadium through the support of Chevron and the Super Bowl Host Committee. 

In 2013, the City started construction on 33 projects with a total funding value of $87 million. Major projects include the Sanchez Center and Natatorium in the Lower Ninth Ward, Coroner’s Complex/ EMS Headquarters in B.W. Cooper, the new NORDC Headquarters at the Milne Boys Home in Milneburg, and the Stallings St. Claude Center. 

Looking Forward to 2014
In 2014, the City is scheduled to commence construction on 33 projects with a total investment of $132 million including the Carrollton Hollygrove Senior Center and renovations to Municipal Auditorium and Criminal District Court. 

Thirty-eight projects are scheduled to be complete by the end of 2014 including: New Orleans Juvenile Justice Center in the St. Bernard Area, Joseph Bartholomew Club House, Cart Storage, and Community Classroom in Pontchartrain Park, NOFD Engine 22/39 Station in the Lower Ninth Ward, NOFD Engine 31 Alba Road Station in Venetian Isles, and more enhancements to Joe W. Brown Park.

The following capital improvement projects were completed in 2013:

Joe W. Brown Park Lighting, Ball Fields, Shelters
District E – Read Blvd East
Scope: Repairs to the  maintenance building, ball fields 1-6, shelters 1 and 2  including the  sewer lift, concession buildings, tennis court and street lighting and site  electrical and civil work.  Demolition of existing parking lot, design of new parking lot for NIKE track and football fields, and paint roof of Pool building.  Additional scope to include demolition of existing parking lot, design of new parking lot for NIKE track and football fields, and paint roof of Pool building.
Total Funding: $7,554,928
Flyover Video of Joe W. Brown Park

Tremé Center
District C РTrem̩/Lafitte
Scope: Repair includes reroofing, water damage repairs to the gym and activity areas and partial replacement of mechanical equipment. Additional repairs and renovations include substantial mechanical system replacement, rewiring of the facility, reconstruction of the interior swimming pool and pool equipment, reconstruction of all toilet rooms, reroofing the natatorium, replacing all exterior doors and windows, plaster repairs, interior painting, and accessibility upgrades.
Total Funding: $6,019,825
Video from Ribbon Cutting
Pictures from Ribbon Cutting

Lyons Center
District B – East Riverside
Scope: Repairs and renovations of Hurricane Katrina damages to the NORD Recreation Center which includes the gymnasium and stage, pool bathhouse and activity rooms.
Total Funding: $5,026,853
Video from Ribbon Cutting
Pictures from Ribbon Cutting

Joe W. Brown Park Enhancements (East Side)
District E – Read Blvd East
Scope: Concessions Buildings with ticketing, equipment storage and restrooms for the NIKE Track and Football facilities; structural canopies with branding at each concession facility; paving and landscaping for NIKE Plaza; and, decorative seating and banner blades for the NIKE Plaza.
Total Funding: $3,857,203 

Joseph Bartholomew Maintenance Warehouse, Pump House, & Fencing
District D – Pontchartrain Park
Scope: Replacement of maintenance building, pump house repairs, and fence installation.
Total Funding: $2,175,801

Main Public Library Sewer & Roof Repairs
District C – CBD
Scope: Repairs include replacement of entry steps on Tulane Avenue, additional fill soil under and adjacent to porches, and replacement of entry doors.
Total Funding: $1,603,541

St. Roch Park
District C – St. Roch
Scope: Repairs to the concessions building include roofing, plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems, bathroom building, and baseball field.
Total Funding: $1,446,172
Pictures from NOLA FOR LIFE Day at St. Roch Park

Latter Library Renovations
District B – Uptown
Scope: Repairs to interior and exterior finishes, replacement of electrical and building systems throughout the Library.
Total Funding: $1,110,285

Cita Hubbell Library
District C – Algiers Point
Scope: Scope of work includes Painting, ADA restrooms, Carpet Replacements & supplementary supporting of the roof.
Total Funding: $1,074,467
Pictures from Ribbon Cutting

NOPD Temporary Police Stables
District A – City Park
Scope: Construction of Pre-Fabricated Horse Stable to House police horses during renovations of the existing stables.
Total Funding: $1,052,578 

Harrell Playground Synthetic Turf Preparation
District A – Leonidas
Scope: Field clearing and preparation to receive synthetic turf surface for the Super Bowl 2013.
Total Funding: $839,661
Video from Ribbon Cutting
Pictures from Ribbon Cutting

Sanchez (Copelin-Byrd) Site Package
District E – Lower Ninth Ward
Scope: Demolition of 2 parking lots on the future site of Sanchez Center & Pool, as well as the construction of a new parking lot and retaining wall.
Total Funding: $839,274

Oscar Medrano Clinic
District C РTrem̩/Lafitte
Scope: Renovations to existing health clinic and offices.
Total Funding: $820,803

Norwood Thompson Playground Phase 2 - Park Enhancements
District B – Gert Town
Scope: Construction of new concession building, concrete entryway, perimeter sidewalks, fencing for playground area and trees.
Total Funding: $612,627
Video from Ribbon Cutting
Pictures from NOLA For LIFE Day

New Orleans Museum of Art Flooring Repairs
District A – City Park
Scope: Repair/Replacement of New Orleans Museum of Art flooring.
Total Funding: $577,826

Municipal Training Academy East Range Repairs
District E – Viavant
Scope: Electrical repairs, HVAC repairs, and miscellaneous interior and exterior finishes.
Total Funding: $504,911

Village de L'Est Playground Phase I - Site Prep & Demolition
District E – Village de L’Est
Scope: Grading, sod, community center, play spot, lighting, picnic shelters, sidewalks, basketball shelter, trees, and parking.
Total Funding: $430,265 

St. Roch Neutral Ground
District C – St. Roch
Scope: Beautification of neutral grounds and Art Walk that connect the St. Roch Market and St.  Roch Park Facilities including landscaping, benches, plazas, lighting, and artwork.
Total Funding: $367,461

Rosenwald Center Demolition
District B – B.W. Cooper
Scope: Demolition of the Rosenwald Community Center, Pool house and site work, while preserving the pool structure.
Total Funding: $312,325

Wisner Playground
District B - West Riverside
Scope: Improvements to site, including covered seating, garbage cans, a dog run and landscaping.
Total Funding: $288,800

New Orleans Museum of Art Roof Repairs
District A - City Park
Scope: Repair/Replacement of New Orleans Museum of Art roof
Total Funding: $239,986

Jackson Square Renovations
District C – French Quarter
Scope: FEMA repairs to furnishings and systems within Jackson Square, including repairs to benches, roof, fence, lighting, water fountains, and sidewalks.
Total Funding: $233,911

NORD High Mast Lighting - Bodenger Playground
District C – Tall Timbers - Brechtel
Scope: Full replacement of high mast lighting at playground D-CDBG in support of the upcoming NORD summer program.
Total Funding: $205,700

Harris Playground Allstate Foundation Donation
District D – Gentilly Woods
Scope: Demo existing playground equipment, fencing and sidewalks.  New Sidewalks along and throughout the site, new  fencing, ADA water fountain, site grading and 2 designated play zones to be  installed as prep work for Phase II: Allstate Playground Donation/Installation.
Total Funding: $179,969

Easton Playground Concessions & Restroom Repairs
District A – Bayou St. John
Scope: Repairs to concessions and restroom building. Repair to fencing and install security netting above existing chain link fence.
Total Funding: $151,263

Hunter's Field Play Surface Installation
District C – Seventh Ward
Scope: Two new basketball half courts, playground equipment, and facility maintenance in preparation for the 2013 Super Bowl.
Total Funding: $139,770
Video from Super Saturday of Service
Pictures from Super Saturday of Service

Kingswood Playground Solar Lighting
District E – Little Woods
Scope: Construction of a solar shade structure for a community picnic area on an existing circular concrete pad.
Total Funding: $125,000

Mosquito Control Hangar (Design Only)
District D – Little Woods
Scope: Removal of drywall, ceiling and insulation and replacement of finish and paint. At exterior wall demolish concrete block, provide new concrete masonry wall with steel sill on knee wall, and prepare structure to resist wind loads and V-Zone wave loads. Scope of work will include addition of Fire Suppression System.
Total Funding: $111,095

Richard Lee Playground Master Plan
District E – Lower Ninth Ward
Scope: Prepare a master plan for the Richard Lee Playground that provides passive and active recreational opportunities for the citizens of the lower 9th district that compliments the new High School and surrounding recreational facilities.
Total Funding: $78,600

Pontchartrain Park Scoreboard & Portable Field Goals
District D – Pontchartrain Park
Scope: Lighting repairs for the baseball field, park maintenance, purchase and installation of a score board and portable field goals.
Total Funding: $52,237

DPW Maintenance Shed Demolition
District B – Mid-City
Scope: Demolition of the DPW Maintenance shed housed on 820 S. Genois St.
Total Funding: $49,000

Children’s Resource Center – Phase II
District B – Uptown
Scope: The scope of work includes exterior painting, roof waterproofing, repairs to the front door, and replacement of 3 windows.
Total Funding: $45,407

Palmer Park Restoration
District A – Leonidas
Scope: FEMA repairs including: grading, benches, lighting, fountain, and sidewalks.
Total Funding: $39,406

Behrman Park Phase III
District C – Behrman
Scope: HVAC repairs and roof work.
Total Funding: $37,089

Burke Park (Clay Square) Lighting Repairs
District B – Irish Channel
Scope: Electrical repairs to High Mast Lighting and Pedestrian Light Poles.  Task one includes testing circuits of 8' perimeter lighting  and high mast lighting; task two includes repairs to underground wiring, thirty  decorative street lights, ten thirty foot high mast lights, and four canopy lights.
Total Funding: $20,948

NORD High Mast Lighting Group 6
Districts ABCDE – City Wide
Scope: Maintenance repairs to the HML at Kenilworth, AL Davis, and Easton Playground: Replace damaged HML elements (Ballasts, Lenses & bulbs), troubleshoot, repair & re-aim.
Total Funding: $19,637

Successes Achieved in 2013
The City has completed a total of 51 roadway projects in 2013, with a total funding investment of over $56 million. Included in these projects were 14 Paths to Progress projects, 13 other roadway projects, 10 streetscape projects, 9 bikeway projects, 3 traffic signal capital improvement projects, and 2 FEMA-funded Recovery Roads projects. Highlights included the Costco Infrastructure Improvement projects, Broadmoor Streetscape (General Pershing from Broad Street to Miro Street), Esplanade Avenue (Moss Street to North Claiborne Avenue), Press Drive Streetscape (Chef Menteur Highway to Leon C Simon Boulevard), New Orleans East Streetscape, Iberville Street (North Rampart Street to Decatur Street), Freret Street (Louisiana Avenue to Jefferson Avenue) and the Gentilly Streetscape. This work resulted in over 17 miles of newly paved streets and an additional 13.5 miles of bike lanes.

Looking Forward to 2014
In 2014, the City is scheduled to begin construction on over 70 roadway projects, with a total funding investment of over $150 million. Included in these projects are 22 Recovery Roads projects, 14 Paths to Progress projects, 6 other roadway projects, and 10 streetscape projects. Highlights include Recovery Roads projects in the Lower Ninth Ward, Venetian Isles, St. Claude, Holy Cross, Touro, Lakewood, Lakeview, Lake Vista, Little Woods, St. Anthony, Broadmoor, Milneburg, Pontchartrain Park, Tremé/Lafitte, Bywater/Marigny, and West Lake Forest.

Expanding Bikeways
Before Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans had fewer than 5 miles of designated bikeways. The City now has over 87 miles of bikeways and is on track, with the additional work planned, to have over 100 miles of bikeways by the end of 2014.  The quality, convenience, and choices in bike facilities in New Orleans continues to improve.  Highlights of bikeway projects completed in 2013 include the bikeways on Esplanade Avenue (Moss Street to North Claiborne Avenue), Broadway Street (Fontainebleau Drive to Leake Avenue), and Miro Street (Elysian Fields Avenue to Orleans Avenue), installation of the first bike-and-bus-only lane on Basin Street (Canal Street to North Claiborne Avenue) and the installation of the first on-street bike corrals in the French Quarter. The City was recognized by the League of American Bicyclists in 2013 as a Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community and continues to work with a broad coalition of partners including the Regional Planning Commission, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, Bike Easy, and Entergy to make New Orleans more bicycle friendly.


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