Identify Pests or Droppings

Residents or pest control professionals with questions about a rodent, snake, pest bird, or scat (droppings) can receive identification and treatment recommendations from the Board. In the case of animal identification, it is preferred that citizens submit a picture with the Identification Form below, rather than bring a sample in. For all other issues, citizens can submit an identification request on line or bring a sample to the Board at 2100 Leon C. Simon Drive Monday – Friday, between 8am and 4 pm for identification and treatment recommendation. 

Preparing the Specimen

  1. If a scat or a dropping specimen is brought to the office, place it in a small plastic container or plastic bag.  ALWAYS handle a deceased animal or droppings with the proper personal protection equipments such as disposable gloves. Do not mail specimens. 
  2. An identification form (below) is required for each specimen. All submissions must include the person's name, address where the scat or animal was collected/seen, and phone number. 

The Board will identify the specimen within 1 to 2 business days depending on the condition of the specimen.  


  • Orleans Parish resident: free of charge
  • Members of the Greater New Orleans Pest Control Association: free of charge
  • Louisiana and Mississippi residents: $10 for each identification
  • Pest Control professionals not members of the Greater New Orleans Pest Control Association: $15 per sample


Whether submitting online, by mail, or in person, all requests for identification must have a completed identification form

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