Rodent Control

The Rodent Control section of the Board proactively reduces, monitors and controls rodent populations within New Orleans, providing critical health, quality-of-life, and economic enhancement services to citizens, City employees, and visitors.

Rodent Control Methodology

Rodent control conducts the following activities:

  • Respond to service requests by the public
  • Survey for rodents, establish control priorities, conduct safe and rapid control activities and evaluate treatments 
  • Monitor populations of disease-transmitting rodents and levels of disease organisms
  • Aggressively respond to endemic and epidemic rodent-transmitted diseases
  • Develop safe, innovative and efficient rodent control technology
  • Provide rodent control for City of New Orleans buildings and greenspaces and areas of commercial or tourism importance, including French Quarter, Riverfront, CBD, and other areas of commercial or tourism importance
  • Educate the public and City of New Orleans’ employees on goals and functions of the Board and how to reduce rodent populations

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