Junior Civic Leadership Academy


JCLA- MYAC Merge  


JCLA is an engaging program that provides youth with an in-depth look at city government. The program includes hands-on demonstrations and presentations that give participants an insider’s view of how the city of New Orleans operates. With this knowledge, students will be better equipped to engage their communities and help improve resident’s quality of life as members of the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council.


MYAC’s mission is to advise and propose action items to the Mayor of New Orleans on matters relating to the youth of New Orleans.  As such, MYAC provides a platform for youth voice in city government. The council raises issues, concerns, and proposes meaningful change important to the well-being of the city’s youth and the community at large. MYAC members serve for up to two years and meet once a month. During the term, MYAC members work together to achieve the following objectives:

  • To identify the concerns and needs of youth, and to advise and make recommendations to members of the Mayor’s Office on proposed or pending policy matters related to youth.
  • To collect, analyze, and provide information to the Mayor’s Office and any other committees, commissions, and task forces on issues related to youth.
  • To hold at least one youth-led town hall each year for the purpose of receiving youth comments on issues of importance to youth and such other meetings at the call of the council.
  • To set priorities and produce a community impact project.


Applications are currently closedAll New Orleans youth in 8th-12th grades interested in learning more about city government and becoming a part of MYAC are invited to apply. All applicants must go through the application and interview process to be considered.


Criteria to apply: 

1. Reside in the city limits of New Orleans.

2. Be enrolled and attending a Louisiana school or home-school in the 8th,9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade.

3. Provide 1 letter of recommendation (from a teacher, mentor, coach, clergy, etc)- Please email the letter to Michael.mosko@nola.gov- note: MYAC Letter of Recommendation in the subject line.


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