Grievance, Inquiries, and Requests

This is a form for individuals who would like to file a grievance, seek information or make a request for ADA Accommodations under ADA law with respect to the city of New Orleans. You can also log a complaint through 311 or go directly to the department webpage for additional information.

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The Mayor’s Office of Americans with Disabilities Act role is to assist in the investigation and timely resolution in alleged disability access problems and alleged disability discrimination issues encountered by citizens and other persons within the City of New Orleans. 

  • Programmatic Access: Example- As a direct result of your disability, and in order to obtain city benefits or services, you requested a reasonable accommodation or modification of an existing policy or procedure, or you were denied city benefits or services, because of a disability.
  • Architectural Access: Example- A wheelchair ramp is needed, or counters and phones are not at sufficient height for wheelchair users.

Include the name of the specific person (s), facilities, and/or program (s) you believe are responsible.
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