Compilation of Regulations Affecting the Public

In accordance with the Louisiana Public Records Law, La. Rev. Stat. § 44:1, et seq., the City of New Orleans strives to promptly release public records.

Click the button below to use our online system to submit a Public Records Request to the City of New Orleans. You may wish to search our publicly released records and documents at this address as well. 

City of New Orleans Open Public Records


We have recently adopted a new and transparent online system that allows you to request, track and access the status of your request online. This system will replace the use of our online form and email process. 
Please be advised that the following fees still apply:


  • Paper: Copies @ $0.50 page.
  • Electronic: Base fee of $25 for records copied onto a compact disc.
  • Delivery: Additional delivery/postage fees may apply depending on form and/or bulk of delivery.
  • Additional Fees: Additional service fees may apply depending on the scope of the request.

Vital Records

Birth, death, and marriage records for Orleans Parish less than 100 years old are maintained by the Department of Health and Hospitals, Louisiana Vital Records Registry.  Copies of divorce decrees are maintained by the Clerk of Court in the parish where the divorce was granted.

Orleans Parish birth records more than 100 years old; Orleans Parish death records more than 50 years; and Orleans Parish marriage records more than 50 years old are maintained by the Louisiana Secretary of State, State Archives.

Police Records

For accident reports or incident reports prepared by the New Orleans Police Department please visit NOPD’s Records and Identification Division.