Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out when my court date is?

In order to find out what date you are scheduled to appear in court, please contact the Municipal Court at (504) 658-9700.

Which city attorney is prosecuting my case?

You may contact the Municipal Unit or the Traffic Unit in the City Attorney Office at (504) 658-8550 and they can provide you with the name of the Assistant City Attorney (prosecuting attorney) handling your case. You must provide the name of the plaintiff, division/section of court and case number (if available).

My relative/significant other/ friend have been arrested on a municipal charge or traffic charge and I can not contact anyone at the Municipal or Traffic Court. Is there a number to speak with someone at municipal or traffic court?

The Municipal Court’s number is (504) 658-9700, but you may also contact the Municipal and Traffic City Attorney’s office (prosecuting attorney) at (504) 658-8550.

Where do I go to pay my property taxes?

Property taxes can be paid on the 1st floor, in the Department of Treasury
in City Hall.

My property was sold at a tax sale, how do I redeem my property?

The person redeeming property must pay all taxes assessed on the property subsequent to the tax sale, interest at the rate of one percent per month until redeemed and cost incurred by the tax sale purchaser for any maintenance, repairs, etc. This payment must be made to the tax sale purchaser or the tax collector, at which point the tax collector will execute a certificate of redemption.

How do I review public records?

If you would like to review public records recorded by the City of New Orleans, please provide the Law Department with a written request which includes the name of the document(s) you wish to review, and the Department or Agency, if known, that has the documents, your name, address, and other contact information. The City Attorney’s Office will contact you as soon as the documents are available for your review.

Is this the department I call to file a complaint against the City of New Orleans or any of its Departments?

If you are experiencing difficulty with a City department please notify the head of that department immediately. If you are filing a complaint against the City, please notify the City Attorney's Office.

I drove into a deep pothole in the city streets, am I entitled to compensation? If so, how can I be compensated?

If drivers have reason to believe their vehicle has been damaged by a pothole, a claim form can obtained from the City’s Claims Manager by contacting Pamela Crockett at Please include any and all supporting documents.

Do any of the city attorneys notarize for the public?

The City Attorney’s Office does not provide notarial services to the general public.

Is there a list of all blighted properties in New Orleans?

The City Attorney’s Office does not maintain a list of blighted properties; however, the properties that have been cited with code enforcement violations can be found on the City's Data website.

How do I participate in the Lot Next Door Program?

The New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) handles the Lot Next Door program, please contact the NORA staff person assigned to this function at (504) 658-4422.

How do I obtain a claim form for wrongful demolition?

If you believe that your property was erroneously demolished by the City of New Orleans, you may contact the City Attorney’s Office Housing Unit at 504 685-4380 to request a claim form or visit the City Attorney's Office web page. You may also obtain a claim form from the City Attorney’s Office Housing Law Unit at 1340 Poydras Street 11th floor. After completing the form, please return it to the City Attorney’s Office Housing Unit. Please include any and all supporting documents.

How do I file a complaint about a bar or nightclub?

If a citizen has a complaint against an alcoholic beverage outlet or nightclub, he or she should write a letter/complaint to the Councilmember of that district, or notify the Quality of Life Officer of NOPD for that district. Once the letter/complaint is received, it is then forwarded to our ABO Unit in the City Attorney’s Office.

If I have any domestic violence questions, who do I contact?

You may contact the Domestic Violence Unit in the City Attorney Office at (504) 658-8550 if this is a pending domestic violence case. If this is not a pending domestic violence case and you have general questions or in need of services you may contact the Family Justice Center (FJC) 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at (504) 592-4005 or 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m. at (504) 866-9554.