Test Development And Validation Division

Leading Innovative, Merit-Based Testing

The City of New Orleans Civil Service Department's Assessment Division spearheads pioneering the design and validation of contemporary examination procedures identifying high-potential candidates for both external applicant pools and internal advancement lists seeking well-deserved higher roles.

Combining industrial/organizational psychology insights with role analytics, our testing research responds to shifting resident expectations and in-demand skill shifts redefining public sector impact potential. We consult line agencies on which future-facing capabilities best indicate excelling within specific positions spanning frontline tactical executors to C-suite strategists. Tests then get customized evaluating those strengths objectively and at volume.


This study guide is geared towards current employees preparing to take public-safety examinations.  The Department of Civil Service hopes that this guide will help candidates prepare for their exams more effectively.

Candidate Study Guide

NOTE: For developing this study guide, the Department of Civil Service interviewed a few top performers from the previous Fire and Police promotional exams.

To help you prepare for the upcoming Sergeant's Exam, a link to the readling list that will be covered during testing can be found here

For HR personnel and Appointing Authorities, Civil Service has created this structured interview guide. It can be used to help departments select candidates from the Civil Service eligible list.

The Department of Civil Service takes utmost caution in developing its examinations.  Before embarking on a labor-intensive journey of developing a promotional or entry level exam for any position within the City, we - the Test Development and Validation Division - takes specifics steps.  The purpose of this document is to inform the reader of this process.

Promotional Test Development Protocol