Enterprise Zone


The Enterprise Zone program is a package of tax credits and sales tax rebates available to businesses locating in officially designated Enterprise Zones and Economic Development Zones. The credits and rebates are based on jobs created for qualified residents. There must be a minimum of five new certified jobs (filled by Louisiana residents) created by the project within two years from the effective date of the contract.

Local Submission Requirements

  • LEZP Requirements Agreement Form (If a local sales tax rebate is pursued)
  • Pro Forma
  • Qualification Certification Form (list of new employees must be submitted for certification prior to your rebate request) 
  • Tax Status
  • Building Permit Job Value Verification
  • Proof of DBE Participation

Review the Enterprise Zone Checklist for a complete list of local submission requirements.


Log in to Fastlane to complete an Advance Notification form before hiring, purchasing, or construction activity begins. You can find more information about the program here.

Contact program manager,Tracey Jackson, at (504) 658-4955 with questions.