Tax Incentive Programs

The City of New Orleans is committed to supporting the growth and success of businesses within the city, recognizing their vital role in strengthening the local economy and improving the quality of life for residents. To achieve this goal, the City offers a range of incentive programs designed to help businesses expand, relocate, or retain their operations in New Orleans.

Some of the key incentive programs available include:

  • Industrial Tax Exemption Program This program offers property tax abatements for qualifying manufacturing establishments, encouraging investment and job creation in the industrial sector.


  • Restoration Tax Abatement The Restoration Tax Abatement program provides property tax exemptions for the rehabilitation of existing structures, promoting the preservation and revitalization of historic buildings and neighborhoods.


  • Quality Jobs The Quality Jobs program offers rebates of up to 6% of annual gross payroll for qualifying businesses that create well-paying jobs and promote economic development in the city.


  • Enterprise Zone Businesses located within designated Enterprise Zones may be eligible for state and local tax incentives, encouraging investment and job creation in economically distressed areas.


  • Revenue Bonds and PILOTs (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) The City can provide financial assistance through the issuance of revenue bonds and the negotiation of PILOTs, which can help businesses secure funding for expansion or relocation projects.

To learn more about the specific fees associated with applying for these incentive programs, please review our comprehensive list of application fees found here.