Other Business Resources

Energy Smart Programs for Businesses:

  • The Energy Smart Programs offer a range of incentives and resources to help businesses in New Orleans reduce energy consumption and lower utility costs. By participating in these programs, companies can access expert advice, financial assistance, and technical support to implement energy-efficient upgrades and adopt sustainable practices. From energy audits to retrofitting grants, the Energy Smart Programs empower businesses to save money while contributing to a greener future for the city.

State Tax Incentive Programs:

  • Louisiana offers a variety of tax incentive programs designed to encourage business growth, job creation, and economic development throughout the state. These programs provide tax credits, exemptions, and rebates to businesses that meet specific criteria, such as investing in new facilities, hiring local workers, or operating in targeted industries. By taking advantage of these incentives, companies can reduce their tax burden, freeing up resources to reinvest in their operations and workforce.

Workforce Development:

  • New Orleans is committed to building a skilled and competitive workforce that can meet the evolving needs of businesses in the city. The Office of Workforce Development collaborates with educational institutions, training providers, and industry partners to offer a range of programs and services that prepare residents for high-demand careers. From job readiness workshops to apprenticeship opportunities, these initiatives help job seekers acquire the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today's dynamic economy while providing businesses with a pipeline of qualified talent.

Assistance for Small Businesses:

  • Small businesses are the backbone of New Orleans' economy, and the city offers a variety of resources to help them thrive. The Office of Economic Development provides assistance with business planning, access to capital, and navigating local regulations. Additionally, the Small Business Services team offers workshops, one-on-one counseling, and networking events to help entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their ventures. Whether you're a new startup or an established small business, New Orleans has the support and resources you need to succeed.