Our community thrives when properties become happy homes and successful businesses. The Office of Economic Development is working to make sure everyone can find information to make development decisions with our new DevelopNOLA tools below.

Please Note: Each incentive program has its own application procedures, requirements, and limitations to qualify. Programs may change or end without notification. Due diligence on the part of property owners or prospective applicants is required with regards to all incentive programs.

Explore the Incentive Map

Many available property development incentives in New Orleans are limited by location. To see if your property location is associated with an incentive program, click the button below to launch the map and explore the incentive zones and areas.

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Browse the Incentive Matrix

The City of New Orleans and other agencies offer many incentives for property development that will bring long-term benefits such as affordable housing, blight reduction, and increased tax revenues to our city. On the tool below, you can click on characteristics (on the top row) to learn if you qualify. You can also learn more about each program by clicking programs (in the left-hand column).


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