Board Members and Staff

A 15-member Board of Director governs the IDB. The Directors are appointed by the New Orleans City Council based on nominations made by each City Council member and the Mayor of New Orleans. The Directors serve overlaopping six-year terms. If, at the end of a term of a Director there has been no appointed replacement, members continue to serve until replaced. Officers are elected annually at the first meeting of the election year. If the election of the officers is not held at the first meeting of the year, the election takes place as soon thereafter as conveniently possible. The President is the principal executive officer of the corporation and in general supervises and assists in the daily operation of the business and affairs of the corporation. The IDB also employs a full-time Administrator and an Administrative Assistant, paid for with self-generated funds.

Board of Directors

  • Darrel J. Saizan, Jr., President
  • Iam C. Tucker, Vice-President
  • Susan P. Good, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Mindy Brickman
  • Ernest Gethers
  • Cherie Teamer Henley
  • Edith G. Jones
  • Dr. Eric Jones
  • Steven Kennedy
  • Lisa S. Mazique
  • Vacancy
  • Theodore C. Sanders III
  • C. David Thompson
  • Vacancy

IDB Staff

  • Sharon Martin, Administrator
  • Angelle Laraque, Administrative Assistant

Special Counsel

  • David Wolf, Adams & Reese LLP
  • Philip Sherman, Adam & Reese LLP
  • Cate Creed, Adam & Reese LLP
  • Lee Reid, Adam & Reese LLP