Board of Trustees of the Police Pension Fund

Contact Information

Phone:(504) 658-5727
Board address:

715 South Broad Street
Room 408
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119


The police pension fund for the police department of the City of New Orleans is for pensioning all officers, members, and employees of the police department, their widows, children, and widowed mothers. The board of trustees administers, manages, operates, and controls the police pension fund in the City of New Orleans. 


Nine members in addition to former superintendents of police who are retired on pension.

  • The superintendent of police;
  • The Director of Finance;
  • The Senior deputy superintendent of police; and
  • Six elected members from the active or retired rank of the police department.

Term Length

Three years; Ex-officio members serve terms concurrent with time in respective office.

(Created by: La. R.S. 11:3631, et seq.; City Charter Sec. 4-1304)