East New Orleans Neighborhood Advisory Commission

Contact Information

Phone:(504) 812-5949
Board address:

7100 Read Boulevard
New Orleans, Louisiana 70127


The East New Orleans Neighborhood Advisory Commission advises the appropriate governmental entities on matters of government policy. Within the commission's area, the commission:

  • Presents and furthers the interest of the individual homeowners in the area to aid in the preservation of property values and to improve the character and integrity of individual residential neighborhoods;
  • Educates and informs member neighborhood associations or organizations on matters and issues of general interest;
  • Participates in planning and improvement; and
  • Participates with community-based organizations which seek to improve the community environment.


The commission consists of the president of each neighborhood association or organization within the commission area or an appointed representative of that neighborhood association or organization. The commission also consists of two at-large members elected from the commission area.

Term Length

Commission members’ terms are concurrent with the president of the organization that appointed them. At-large members serve for two years.

(Created by: La. RS 33:9100.2, et seq.)