Fairgrounds Citizen Advisory Committee

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The Fairgrounds Citizen Advisory Committee reviews issues in regards to security, compliance of provisos and other matters pertaining to the Fair Grounds’ impact on the surrounding neighborhood.


Eleven members.

  • A representative of the Mayor’s office;
  • Councilmember of District A appoints three members;
  • Councilmember of District C appoints one member;
  • Councilmember of District D appoints one member;
  • Councilmember at-Large A appoints one member;
  • Councilmember at-Large B appoints one member appoints;
  • A staff representative from the district Councilmember’s office of the district where the Fair Grounds resides;
  • A representative from the Fair Grounds; and
  • A representative from the New Orleans Police Department

Term Length

Four years.

(Created by: Ord. No. 22652 M.C.S.; Ord. No. 22053 M.C.S.)