New Orleans Tourism and Cultural Fund

Contact Information
Board address:

2020 Saint Charles Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130


The mission of the New Orleans Tourism and Cultural Fund is to support cultural industries and culture bearers of the City of New Orleans through partnerships, grants, and programs to advance sustainable tourism.

NOTCF Grant Opportunities

Funding Levels

  • Level 1: $1- $2500 Minigrant
    For smaller projects and program support that are focused on smaller communities with limited scopes and periods, such as a single creative production or single community event.

Apply for a minigrant 


  • Level 2: $2,501- $10,000
    For mid-level projects and programs that reach a larger audience, train a sub-section of cultural bearers/cultural workers for specific tasks over a limited period, support larger community events with a broader impact on the cultural economy.

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  • Level 3: $10,001- $20,000
    For larger scale projects and programs that stretch over a larger time period, reach a wide audience, train a class of culture bearer/worker in multiple skills, larger multi-community/city-wide events.

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For more information on the fund and for grant qualifications, terms and conditions please visit for more information.


Seven Members

Each member shall be appointed by the Mayor or City Council

Appointed by/Elected Official First Name Last Name Term Expiration
Councilmember representing Downtown Development District Hon. Lesli Harris Ex-Officio
Councilmember representing Vieux Carre Hon. Freddie King, III  Ex-Officio
Appointed by Mayor Lloyd Dennis 6/30/2022
Appointed by Mayor Angela Simon 6/30/2022
Appointed by Mayor Susan Brennan 6/30/2022
Appointed by Mayor Demond Melancon 6/30/2022
Appointed by City Council Vacant Vacant  

Term Length

Each member shall serve a term of one year

(Created by Articles of Incorporation New Orleans Tourism and Cultural Fund; Ord 28341 M.C.S)