Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East

Contact Information

Board address:

2045 Lakeshore Drive
Room 422
New Orleans, Louisiana 70122


The purpose of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority – East is to establish on its own behalf or for the areas or the levee districts under its authority adequate drainage, flood control, and water resources development, including but not limited to the planning, maintenance, operation, and construction of reservoirs, diversion canals, gravity and pump drainage systems, erosion control measures, marsh management, coastal restoration, and other flood control works as such activities, facilities, and improvements relate to tidewater flooding, hurricane protection, and saltwater intrusion.


The governor appoints nine members from nominations submitted by the nominating committee as follows:

  • Five members are an engineer or a professional in a related field such as geotechnical, hydrological, or environmental science. Of the five members, one is a civil engineer;
  • Two members are a professional in a discipline other than those mentioned previously with at least ten years of professional experience in that discipline; and
  • Two members are at large.

Term Length

Four years.

(Created by: La R.S. 38:330.1, et seq.)