CPNC Hearings

A public hearing is required prior to issuance of a CPNC. Hearings are scheduled for 10:00 AM on the fourth (4th) Friday of the months of: January, April, July, and October (excluding holidays).  A completed application with all required documentation must be submitted by 4:00PM on the second (2nd) Friday (two weeks prior to the hearing) to be placed on the hearing agenda for that month.

CPNC Hearing, April 26, 2024
10:00am, City Council Chambers

Application # Applicant's Name  Amount Requested  CPNC Type
23CPN-15460 Infinite Circle LLC (Jordan Hawbaker) 5 Pedicab
23CPN-15464 Allison Transportation LLC (Margaret Allison) 15 Pedicab
23CPN-15469 Local Bike Taxi LLC (Grace Lewis) 15 Pedicab
24CPN-06179 JBee's NEMT LLC (Jamyron Bee) 1 Non-Emergency Medical
24CPN-06182 JMA Transportation (Jessica Connor) 1 Non-Emergency Medical
24CPN-06186 Crawford Transit Services, Inc. (Tony Crawford) 1 Non-Emergency Medical
24CPN-06187 K&B Smart Choice Transportation LLC (James Alverez) 1 Non-Emergency Medical
24CPN-06189 Arabella Transportation LLC (Danyell Ward) 1 Non-Emergency Medical
24CPN-06190  AYS NEMT Transportation and Logistics LLC (Ashlyn Smith 2 Non-Emergency Medical
24CPN-06191 Chauna Modica 2 Non-Emergency Medical
24CPN-06197 Dash Transportation Services, LLC (Antonio Crawford) 2 Non-Emergency Medical
24CPN-06181 John Morgan Jr. 1 General Charter
24CPN-06192 Sureway Transportation, Inc. 17 School Bus
24CPN-06193 FirstLine Schools, Inc. 20 School Bus
24CPN-06195 Crescent City Schools (Labat, Frantz, Dufour, Green, Teague, Johnson, Landry, Long, Martin) 45 School Bus

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