Juvenile Court Frequent Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. 

Q:       Where is my child being held in jail?
A:       Juveniles awaiting trial are detained at the Youth Study Center, 100 Milton Street or Juvenile Section of Orleans Parish Prison.

Q:       Where do I park when I come to Juvenile Court?
A       There are three public parking lots adjacent to the Juvenile Court Building; two on Loyola Street and one on Poydras Street.

Q:       Do I need a lawyer?
A:       In all cases children that come before Orleans Juvenile Court must have legal representation. If you cannot afford one, the Court will appoint a Public Defender from the Public Defender Program or other court-appointed advocate for you. Even if you are appointed a Public Defender, there are fees that are attached that range from $35.00 to a fair assessment set by the Judge hearing your case.

Q:       Will I be able to see my child if he/she is being held in Juvenile Court?
A:       Yes. The rules of visitation are generally set by the facility that holds your child.
NOTE: Both facilities generally limit the number of visitors on the Visitors List for each juvenile being detained.

Q:       Can I speak to the Judge before my case is heard?
A:       No. You cannot. The rules regarding judicial contact with any party litigant specifically state that you are allowed no contact, at all, pending the outcome of any matter before a Juvenile Court.

Q:       Will my child have a criminal record?
A:       If your child has been arrested, they now have an arrest record. There are provisions within the law to have arrest records removed. You should contact a private attorney to arrange for a removal when appropriate and allowable by law.

If your child is adjudicated delinquent, "adjudicated delinquent" is Juvenile Court language for being found guilty, he then will have a record of this adjudication. This record can also be removed if it is legally appropriate and allowable by law. The legal term for these processes is called an "expungement" of records.

Q:       What happens if my child or I or both of us don't come to court?
A:       A warrant will be issued for you and your child's immediate arrest and you will pay a $100.00 Contempt Fine for failure to appear before the arrest warrant is recalled. (NOTE: If a valid emergency exists, on a case-by-case basis, the reviewing Judge may excuse you.

Q:       Does my child still remain enrolled in the Orleans Parish Public School System after being arrested and detained?
A:       It depends. If your child has been charged with a crime relating to or arising from attendance in school, on many occasions an immediate suspension generally follows, with a hearing afterwards. The best source of information regarding your child's continued relationship with the Orleans Parish Public School System is Orleans Parish Public School System. If your child is attending a parochial or private school, we suggest contacting the principal, president, or head master of your child's school.

Q:       Will my child continue to receive his/her education while being detained?
A:       Yes. Both detention facilities previously listed offer continuing education courses for students, which are operated by the school system.