Family in Need of Services

The Families in Need of Services (FINS) became effective in all courts having juvenile jurisdiction on July 1, 1994, as Title VII of the Louisiana Children’s Code.  FINS goals are to reduce formal juvenile court involvement while generating appropriate community services to benefit the child and improve family relations.

FINS is an informal process designed to focus on the family unit, rather than just the child.  FINS goals are to promote early intervention and help facilitate the receipt of needed services, rather than imposing a punishment.

FINS informal process can be converted to a formal process based on the recommendations for non compliant families to the FINS program.  FINS may refer the family to court, a FINS conference, and/or a hearing before a judge.  If a hearing should happen, each and every member of the family shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the court.

Anyone may file a complaint.  Most common, however, law enforcement, school officials and parents make referrals.

For more information or assistance please call (504)-658-9590 or (504)-701-1918